Which Social Network you Should be Focusing on!

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Social networks have become a part of our everyday life, nowadays there no companies without a social network profile.

Everyone (even babies most of the times) have a social profile in one or more networks, so in short the importance of social networks is known to everyone.

There are many new and old social networks with many features. Although a shift is seen in social networks focused on images and image sharing there is no decline in the giants like Facebook.

So what should a new company ( or startup ) be doing?

Well having a profile in most of the social networks is a must and a necessity for your company’s growth, but should you be focusing on all of them, or better yet can you focus all of them?

All social networks have their on perks and features. But through my experience I started to draw a clear line between them.

Facebook is an all-purpose social network but with time I understood that compared to others its value is greater to you when you are a company that sells products. What kind of products does not matter, all products should be advertised on Facebook. Most companies even sell from Facebook directly, some even sell exclusively on Facebook without having a website.

Linkedin has become the world’s largest professional social network and its best suitable for companies that offer services. Linkedin can offer you the best hints for your company and services (all you have to do is ask), as well the most valuable followers cause they are the ones that may actually buy your services.

Google Plus is my personal favorite and the one I am focusing myself (see the pretty badge in the footer :D) as it  is best suitable for informational websites that want only to have valid traffic and are not interested in selling anything. But why focus in Google Plus over other ones? Simple, the best medium to get the most valid (more valuable) traffic is from Search engines. 60% to 70% of traffic from Search Engines come from Google, and the best way to get a certain ranking in Google is if someone follows you on Google Plus. So according to this logic focusing in Google Plus as a social network will help you get better traffic.

Twitter is not to be forgotten but till now I have failed to see any clear categories that twitter is more suitable for, It seems to me like twitter is the most general of all networks. And is something that no one should keep a focus on. More accurately Twitter will always be the second network in terms of importance.

Now if you are a photographer or something similar and you want to promote your works the best networks for that are Instagram and Pinterest but having no actual experience with them I can not categorize them more clearly.

Summing up  I will list Company profiles => and Social Networks they should focus on.

E-commerce (selling products)  =>  Facebook

Selling Services  =>  Linkedin

Information Sharing  =>  Google+

Undefined  =>  Twitter till you can define the purpose of your company  🙂


PS. These are my personal opinions based on my experiences. And wish it or not I am certain that Google+ will become the most important Social Network in a year or two. And if you liked my article I would be glad if you followed my page on Google+ by clicking here and following after.