Information About Website Optimizations and Jonid Bendo

Website Intro

This is a website that i am pouring my soul into, it will be a library containing all the knowledge I gather throughout the years that passed and are to come.

There are many things I face each day, new and interesting ones, as such I can not possibly dream about containing all my knowledge here, but I can and I will select the best ones and from time to time publish them.

There are infinite categories that a Web Developer like me will work on, but i will try and focus on four basic ones, SEO, security and speed optimizations. So if you find me or my blog interesting i suggest you subscribe on the right.

There are numerous things to learn from each other even if you are a Senior or Junior Developer. This Blog will be mainly addressed to web issues so it is better suitable to Web Developers and people that have or maintain a website.


  • PHP 90%

  • CSS/CSS3 93%


  • HTML5 88%

  • MYSQL 99%

My Personal Intro

I will try my best to describe myself 🙂

Lets clarify who am I and which are my best qualities:

-- Passion about everything around web optimizations
-- Calm composure even under the most stressful situations
-- Curiosity for everything that is new and shiny

My passion for web development is what differs me from the other web developers. I absolutely thrive to create the best possible websites and web applications.

PS. I really love security issues too, although i am no hacker, tried to but i haven't accomplished anything yet (or that is what I want people to think at least) !