Search Engine Optimization,what it is?

February 3, 2014 / Featured / 5 Comments /

All that have previously created a website have heard of seo, but did the pay it any notice? Seo is a really important part for your websites and it is an absolute must for them.

SEO-> is Search Engine Visibility, for here on out we will refer to it with its’ abbreviation seo. Not one (even Google) can guarantee you to rank first for every keyword. There are many rules to follow for seo, and many differ depending on the search engine. 

For example Google does not consider H1 tags as a big factor on the contrary Bing requires them to better rank your website.

Two tools will become a necessity for your websites :
-> Google webmaster tools 
-> Bing Webmaster tools (Bing and Yahoo get their data from here)

With these tools you specify how search engines will index your site and how the search results will appear. You also ge valuable information about the search queries that your sites appears on, how they rank and other relative data. These tools are a necessity if you want to have full control over your website and search engines (in respond to your websites of course).

Here i would like to point out google analytics as a tool, with it you can keep track of all your visitors and gather valuable data.

There are many seo rules to check, there are also many websites that check them, the ones i have personally used mostly are:
-> (it has general suggestions about your website as well as marketing hints)
-> nibbler (you get more specific data for seo as well as other categories)
-> Google webmaster tools, and Bing webmaster tools give you their own suggestions for your websites after they crawl them.

PS. SEO rules are dynamic, only a small portion of them are permanent, one of the fields that has had a great influence in the last years are social networks, the more followers and social interaction you have, the better your website will rank.