Opencart Customer Verify email module

March 28, 2014 / CMS Modules / 3 Comments /
Customer email verifier


Today i decided to publicly share the module i was asked to create before for a certain job.

This modification sends a verification email to the email given when a new account is created. The user is instructed to confirm their account by clicking a unique link in a verification email sent to them.

Not only will this extension save you time and improve customer experience, it also reduces fraud.

This is for a certain request i had, so for the moment compatibility is certain with Opencart version but it should work with other versions too , in the future i plan on generalizing it and giving it more features, but this depends also on the free time i have.

This is version 1.0 of the module. You can contact me via email or comment here if you need anything specific i would gladly assist you.

The module can be downloaded in Opencart’s website, this is the url: Opencart Customer email Verify.