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March 3, 2014 / CMS Modules / 9 Comments /
csv update


Today i decided to publicly share the module i was asked to create before for a certain job. This module has the functionality to automatically update the products based on a model comparison. It takes the model of the first row and compares a range with it as a base meaning it edits all products that its model starts with “MOD” for example, and it reads this value from the first model, this is to ensure that no problems will come from the changes.


This is for a certain request i had, so for the moment compatibility is certain with Opencart version , in the future i plan on generalizing it and giving it more features, but this depends also on the free time i have.

This is version 1.0 of the module. You can contact me via email or comment here if you need anything specific i would gladly assist you.

The module can be downloaded in Opencart’s website, this is the url: Opencart CSV Update module.

  • ardit

    ore ku e ke kete modulin se me pelqeka shum 😛

    • ardit

      leje se u ngarkua faqja me vonese, problem interneti ketu

    • Please refrain to the use of English only.

      Ardito e ke linkun aty po tu desh eshte falas tek opencart-i si modul, shikoje provoje beji cte duash 🙂

      Thanks for your cooperation.

  • ravinder

    Hi. Can you please tell me how to use this extension, as i have uploaded this extension, but do not know how to use.


  • Hi, sorry for for the time it took me to respond. This Module will allow you to update your database with the simple upload of a .csv (comma separated) file, what you need to do after you have uploaded the included file is got to admin panel and log in, afterwards go to system => Upload CSV , then use the interface to choose the file you need a .csv one and press upload. then you will get a table in response with products edited, products that were not in the list but were active in the database and products missing from the database. This is a tool to automate the frequent update of products.

    Please be careful the fields are updated in basis of the field in the first column (model), and then updates the second and third field (price and quantity) in the databases, if you need a sample .csv please say so, i will email it to you as soon as possible.

  • Simon Poulsen

    Hi, I downloaded the extension… uploaded the files and when trying to “upload .csv file” from admin>system>upload csv file … I get the message “you dont have permission, please contact the administrator” … do you have any idea why this is and how I get around it. ??

    Thanks on advance

    Simon Poulsen

    • Hi Simon, For every extension after installation you should go and log in in the back-end of your store.

      Then from the top menu:
      1. Go to System -> Users -> User Groups
      2. You should probably be a Top Administrator so you need to press edit on that group
      3. Then in both Access and Modify permissions press the “Select All” link.
      4. Then save.

      You should have no problem if you follow these steps correctly. If you have any inconvenience i would gladly assist you.

      Thank you for your interest 🙂

  • soumen

    Can you please upload demo csv file for product upload?

    • Hi there,

      I will upload it today :), you are absolutely right i should have put a demo in there from the start. But i assure you it will be there by tomorrow.