Code Maintenance.

Code Maintenance can be achieved via online tools and best practices guidelines, these kind of information will all be listed here.

OOG Second Part – Excessive Code Maintenance

May 5, 2014 /

Day 2: The end of the road is nowhere near, but i am still strong in mind and body :). Opencart is a complete shopping cart system but misses many features that the merchants leads thus leading to the use of many extensions, VqMOD scripts and custom modifications of the code. All three methods are used VqMOD to modify the code without editing the source file directly, extensions when you need back-end configurations as a part of the added features and direct modification if you find a bug or other similar cases. Continue Reading →

The validity of the code

February 1, 2014 /

There are many ways to create a website but in general you can separate it in two categories. We have the markup code that is generated in a dynamic way from server side languages (like php and python). and markup that is specified in the files you include, this is the static method with hard-coded markup.  Continue Reading →