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All Optimization Posts that will help you optimize and speed up your online store based on Opencart will be included here.

OOG Second Part – Excessive Code Maintenance

May 5, 2014 /

Day 2: The end of the road is nowhere near, but i am still strong in mind and body :). Opencart is a complete shopping cart system but misses many features that the merchants leads thus leading to the use of many extensions, VqMOD scripts and custom modifications of the code. All three methods are used VqMOD to modify the code without editing the source file directly, extensions when you need back-end configurations as a part of the added features and direct modification if you find a bug or other similar cases. Continue Reading →

OOG First Part – Remove Category Counts

May 1, 2014 /

Day 1: The road to achieve Optimization seems deep but the first step this time is easy to achieve and with great effects to performance. Opencart has by default a counter enabled for categories that displays the number of products per category, these counters (when you have a combination of many categories + products) really slows down your website. Continue Reading →

Opencart Optimization Guide

April 29, 2014 /

This will be a step by step guide that will optimize any Opencart website. Opencart being a opensource PHP shopping cart is great but has many flows and those flows render it not appropriate for big businesses. But what if you fix these flaws or get a way around them?

The main and most important problem of Opencart is that the default version is not ready for escalation, what i want to say is that  after some time and after including many products + categories your website’s speed will degrade exponentially, well this sounds horrible and it is. I have personally experienced in my website a waiting time ranging from 2 to 24 seconds and this is for TTFB only. Continue Reading →