Mobile Versions and their importance

February 2, 2014 /

Mobile versions are a necessity nowadays. Statistically 40% of visitors come from mobile phones and 78% of the have smartphones. Mobile versions can be specified in many ways, but i have mostly used these methods:  Continue Reading →

The validity of the code

February 1, 2014 /

There are many ways to create a website but in general you can separate it in two categories. We have the markup code that is generated in a dynamic way from server side languages (like php and python). and markup that is specified in the files you include, this is the static method with hard-coded markup.  Continue Reading →

The reason behind my initiative

January 31, 2014 /

Hi, my name is Jonid Bendo, this is a short intro for my website and myself. At the moment i work as a web project manager for Nettrade Albania SHPK in Albania. This blog is a desire of mine to share my knowledge with people and especially people living in Albania. I want to contribute as much as possible in the electronic development of Albania.

In the online world information have become really common, all you have to do is go to and search for a specific keyword and you will find more than you need for sure. My website is with a target group in Albania and no such website existed at least for what i am aware of, thus came my desire to create a blog for website optimizations.

The main categories and focus of my website will be:

-Security optimizations and security issues that i notice

-Webpage speed optimizations, techniques as well as suggestions around this topic

-Search Engine Visibility optimization, this is one of my favorites topics and the one i will focus more

-I will share applications as well as modules that i have created without charge. If modifications are requested, only then charges may apply.

-Other interesting topics regarding website optimizations that i will stumble upon.

I will try and update my blog frequently, preferably once a day, and cover most of the categories i  specified above. Everyone can ask a question, require further information and share if they wish to :). You can contact me anytime you see fit.

The only thing i would like to point out is that no one is perfect, as such you may see mistakes at my recommendations, it is up to you to decide if you want to apply them or even improve them, i would gladly take any suggestions.