Link building

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Link Building is one of the top priorities of a good seo specialist. It is a really difficult process. This article will list the best ways you can build incoming links for your website but first let me clarify something,

not all links improve your seo, links that come from spam and malicious sites may actually harm your reputation to search engines

Let’s get into the good stuff now:

=> Social networks are the best way that you can possibly build links, they have many following options and genuine interest for your site, all you have to do is create an account and start sharing. Social networks may as well be considered a link building goldmine. The best social networks that i am aware of are :

-> Facebook well everyone in the world knows Facebook
-> twitter it is a network really loved by America, growing day-to-day
-> LinkedIn the most famous network for professionals
-> google+ well Google supports it, and it’s getting bigger by the day
-> pinterest a really great and big network for image based sharing


=> Now except from social networks you have many websites available that you can share your stories and webpages, these sites will also prove to be really valuable for this process.

-> StumbleUpon a really great network to share you links especially if you have something with a strong view
-> Digg it is a network (that i still am exploring) to share your links, if you have something interesting you will get a lot of notice
-> Reddit another great choice, its category system helps you a lot to find your targeted audience and share your link
-> Inbound is another great option but if your content has a more technical orientation
-> Sulia is a great network to share your content (similar to Reddit)
-> There are also a vast amount of other sites that everyone can use, but you should always remember to have a specified target group and not use all available, you do not want your site to look as spam to Google :).


Link Building is a step that everyone should take in account when they are trying to create a website, also you should try to link from sites that have relative content. From my point of view you should treat link building as a process that should have happened on its own if your site was successful, and not a process to deceive others into clicking in you links.

Please notice that almost all links from social networks have a rel=”nofollow” attribute meaning that no juice is passed from them (this is to ensure that their ranking will not be impacted) and as such having these links will not directly influence your ranking, but building social engagement through them will certainly affect your ranking so believe me they are important for your website.

These are websites that I use on my own, neither are they the only ones, nor the ones you should use no matter what, it is always up to you to use them and it will always variate depending on you sites content.