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Link building

March 15, 2014 /

Link Building is one of the top priorities of a good seo specialist. It is a really difficult process. This article will list the best ways you can build incoming links for your website but first let me clarify something,

not all links improve your seo, links that come from spam and malicious sites may actually harm your reputation to search engines

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Search Engine Optimization,what it is?

February 3, 2014 /

All that have previously created a website have heard of seo, but did the pay it any notice? Seo is a really important part for your websites and it is an absolute must for them.

SEO-> is Search Engine Visibility, for here on out we will refer to it with its’ abbreviation seo. Not one (even Google) can guarantee you to rank first for every keyword. There are many rules to follow for seo, and many differ depending on the search engine.  Continue Reading →