General Reviews.

Some times general Reviews are needed so these kind of posts will be all listed here. From Code to theoretic reviews all goodies will be metioned.

Which Social Network you Should be Focusing on!

June 9, 2014 /
social newworking

Social networks have become a part of our everyday life, nowadays there no companies without a social network profile.

Everyone (even babies most of the times) have a social profile in one or more networks, so in short the importance of social networks is known to everyone.

There are many new and old social networks with many features. Although a shift is seen in social networks focused on images and image sharing there is no decline in the giants like Facebook.

So what should a new company ( or startup ) be doing?
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OpenSSL Hearbeat Vulnerability why should we care?

April 12, 2014 /

Lately everyone in the last weeks have heard of OpenSSL and its vulnerability called Heartbeat. The video below describes clearly the actual vulnerability but not the reason we should care, so here are some questions i had and the answers i found. Continue Reading →

The right host for you

March 9, 2014 /

Hi today i thought of sharing my experience with hosting companies with you, although there are so many companies that provide hosting facilities choosing the right one for you is really difficult, till now i have used 3 different companies for different reasons, that i will explain below.

This article will be a short review for shared servers only, vps and dedicated servers are a different matter that i will not include here.

Be cautious as this is based on personal experience and my personal judgement. If you  think differently you are welcome to post your comment :).  Continue Reading →

Albanian government’s websites down!

February 27, 2014 /

Since 20.30 today 27/02/2014, most of the websites of the Albanian state are officially down, most of the domains nevertheless.

The reason seems to be failing name servers at some point and the factors behind this may be many (conspiracies time). Continue Reading →

Mobile Versions and their importance

February 2, 2014 /

Mobile versions are a necessity nowadays. Statistically 40% of visitors come from mobile phones and 78% of the have smartphones. Mobile versions can be specified in many ways, but i have mostly used these methods:  Continue Reading →