The right host for you

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Hi today i thought of sharing my experience with hosting companies with you, although there are so many companies that provide hosting facilities choosing the right one for you is really difficult, till now i have used 3 different companies for different reasons, that i will explain below.

This article will be a short review for shared servers only, vps and dedicated servers are a different matter that i will not include here.

Be cautious as this is based on personal experience and my personal judgement. If you  think differently you are welcome to post your comment :). 

-> GoDaddy is one of the most famous hosting companies. But with the poorest services from my point of view. It has some awkward limitations when it comes to their server that may prove depressing at some point. They seem to have over-flooded their servers with websites. They have medium support and long response times. Other than price i do not have any positive feedback for Godaddy. But for some reason is one of the most used shared hosting providers maybe due to their domain mane provider status( at this field at least they are the current leaders) or some other reason that i am unfamiliar with. As soon as i got to know hostgator i also got my domain and hosting transferred.

In short i would grade GoDaddy with a big NO at least from my experience.

-> Hostgator is also one of the biggest names out there. Its range of prices is the same as godaddy. It has a great service and well managed servers its support is better then godaddy but they take some time to respond. Downtime hos become an issue for me from time to time and i surely believe it is not what they claim it to be, but apart from that the shared servers they provide are not full with websites although you get to see they have really stick limits that you need to follow (this is a good thing from my point of view) . But the speed of their servers is fairly good and it has a great set of extra features compared to godaddy. Last but not least you much more freedom with the services they provide in their hosts.

In short i would choose hostgator over godaddy. Although their services have been on a non-stopping downhill till now.

I also got some coupons that you can use freely:

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-> A2Hosting is my personal best although it cost more than the other two, and it is a considerably less known company, it has proven to be one of the best i have used till now. It offer a greater extend of features and tools to use in your cpanel. I have been using it for almost a year and no downtime yet (isn’t that great) , its support is quick to respond and accuracy is one of their biggest virtues in problems solving. No resource starvation till now also, and lastly since their servers are in Europe they are what i was personally looking for.

From those three hosting providers i have used till now i would choose A2hosting anytime, and my final suggestion is the increase in price is not significant compared to all the other things that i grade them with an A+ for and from my point of view they are leagues ahead with competition.

The last part is yours to fill, your needs are the most important ones and as such you should choose really carefully.